How to be GDPR Complaint and launch your next Email Outreaching Campaign


A lot of us have a lot of queries about whether we can continue doing Email Outreaching in EU after 25th of May once GDPR gets implemented.

The short answer is “Yes” you can continue sending out cold emails.

However, it’s very important that you change your strategy and here are few very important points to keep in mind.

  1. Don’t blast out your emails to everyone in bulk
  2. Spend time prospecting your list to ensure it’s laser-focused and clean.

Here are some very important Tips for Cold Outreaching:

Day 1: Connect with your Prospect on LinkedIn.
Day 3: Follow him on Twitter if he exists on Twitter
Day 5: Start showing him Facebook Ads. (This Can be Your Step 1 as well)
Day 9: Reach out to him.

Here is a recent guide that I wrote that can be very helpful:

Now, why is this important and very useful for your business?

Most people confuse themselves that the more people we contact, the higher is the chances to close a client. That approach is extremely WRONG.

Your prospect is a HUMAN. Do your research and then launch your campaign. Chances of you closing your prospect will increase drastically.

Here is a Pro Tip:

When sending out your first email, offer him something valuable that he cannot refuse. For Example:

  • Free Case Study
  • Market Research
  • Free Audit Reports etc.

Then ask your prospect to get on the call, and you will see a massive increase in conversion without breaking GDPR compliance.

Let me know your thoughts and if you have any questions, then please leave a comment below…

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@PeterBuick @huf-consultancy What are your thoughts?



Yeah that was the article you did I mentioned.

I’d still like to hear what the people are doing, because it may well not be this :wink:


True, the exact same reason why I created a community because Facebook Groups are a mess in the long run to find relevant discussion and deep conversation. Forums are ideal to stay organized :slight_smile:

I will invite more users, and see what there views are, and hopefully everyone will start contributing…


For sure! As you add more of your ninja content about getting results and people share more of what they are doing, it will get very interesting.


Very true indeed. I have a whole list of discussion, small and quick guides, and much more too add. Weekends are all about that :smiley:

Starting Monday, the forum will be flooded with super high quality contents.


quality before quantity in this case. keep your list clean. do research target proper segments. play by the new rules if you want to continue mailing. its a good thing what is happening. we just have to adapt and we can and will. get external advice if you aren’t feeling sure.

good to have a forum. Facebook is a chaos.
If you could make an ios app for the forum you are my hero.


Completely agreed. It all comes down to the quality of your list. If you are sending an email to highly targeted prospect, it will work wonders.

Haha, and in deed, Facebook is a Chaos for regular discussion.

For Mobile Application, here you go:


For a product that is gaining momentum with users acquisition, having a forum is definitely the “next” most logical thing to do on a product roadmap and as a crucial part of Customer Support :+1::+1:.

In addition, starting a forum at the “right/appropriate” stage saves much valuable time and resources, particularly from product owner’s perspective, since users can reself-helpelf help when not getting a response from CS within a short time. Such approach also places some responsibilities on the users’ part while lightening CS workload to more time/labour intensive issues :v::v:.

GDPR is a heavily discussed topic both online and offline :fire::fire:. The usage and nature of Funnelbake means having a dedicated forum and thread on this matter the more important. What do you think?


Thank You so much for the feedback and support Andrew, that means a lot.

Yes, GDPR is a hot topic of discussion at this point of the stage, and very important as well. Hence the forum helps as that will help users to either join the conversation or read about it.


Udit’s idea of trying to warm up (cold) contacts first is a good one.

But it’s funny that nobody in the email industry is actually talking about what is really going on.

Under PECR you are NOT allowed to cold email anyone, who is an “identifiable” contact.
So is a NO GO!

Also sole proprietorship and partnerships are a no-go too. How you are supposed to know that they are, is another question.

That’s the law. It’s written down. It’s non debatable.
You can say “yeah but” or “but that doesn’t apply to me, because I’m special” until you are blue in the face.
This is the landscape we operate in now.

Obvious “white hat” solution, get real contacts using INBOUND (i.e. paid ads and content marketing)

But if you’re a (grey hat) email marketer like me, you want MORE than than. Right?

You can do info@ and sales@ BUT look at those emails! They are the WORST people to pitch to - they are over worked and not interested in your stuff.

So if we want to get real, comment below and I can look at putting on a webinar, on how instead, we leverage the law.

Because that’s REALLY the conversation we (as email marketers) should be having!
Let’s get real, about this.

Just to clarify, 90% of what you do with funnel bake will be for real (warm) contacts. For instance, the sequencing is about talking to people who have “responded”.
Cold email only affects the initial outreach part of it.
Just so we are all on the same page and nobody has a baby.

That’s how I feel about it anyway :wink:


Peter, one of my upcoming guide, solves that problem as well :slight_smile:

There are always work around

However, people just need to put some serious efforts. Cold Emailing will become even more fun now because it needs to be done a lot more smartly.


Looking forward to adding your workarounds to my own.