How to Start Cold Emailing - The Right Way (Quick Guide)


Ever wanted to learn how to start cold emailing? This quick guide will help you get started.

Whenever you are thinking to acquire new customers, either SEO, Facebook Ads, Google Adwords or general Social Media will come in someone’s mind.

They work!

However, they are expensive, and it’s difficult to acquire customers by spending on the paid ads all the time as you try to scale up it starts getting expensive.

Another big challenge:

When you are doing ads, there is no personalization.

…but then there are cold emails. One of the most untapped way to acquire clients.

People say emails do not work anymore which is far from even busting the myths. Today, when you meet someone professional, you will ask for their email address before anything else.

If you are one of those people struggling to start cold emailing, this quick guide will help you getting kick started today in less than 30 minutes!

One to One Prospecting

What is One to One Prospecting?

It means, you are sending out emails to highly qualified prospect. You have done all the necessary research about them, and then you are reaching out to them.

For example: John is a car shop owner in Los Angeles, and you want to reach out to him pitching him for your new Facebook Ad Management Service.

In such a case, you will first research about the client, follow him and his company on all the social media channels and Google them to find any potential mentions in any magazine.

Now that you have collected all the information about the user, it’s time to send out an email pitching them for Facebook Ads Management Service.

(Assuming he doesn’t uses Facebook Ads yet).

Here is the email template and how to pitch to a local prospect:

Howdy John

I hope you had an amazing week so far.

You might have never heard about me…I’m Udit Goenka, the CEO and Co-Founder at FunnelBake and I provide Facebook Ad Management and FB Ad Management Service.

I was looking into your website and marketing strategy and found out that you are getting (X) number of traffic per month and you are not leveraging those audience by re-targeting them on ads. Chances are you are losing out on sales and I can help you prevent that.

If the above conversation excites you even a little bit then …let’s have a chat for 8 minutes.

Looking forward to your reply.

Udit Goenka
Company Name
Phone Number

Now this email is very straight forward and will work wonders.

One of the most common mistake most people make is they write everything in their first email. That’s not the right way to approach your prospect.

Keep the email very short.

One to Many Prospecting

Now, you can automate this process if you have 100s of such prospects using FunnelBake.

FunnelBake is an email outreaching tool that let’s you personlize and automate your entire workflow to convert prospects to leads.

You can sign up for 14 Day Free Trial for FunnelBake: (Our application is going public on 1st June 2018)

Also, here is an indepth guide that I have recently published:

Got questions? Leave a comment below and I will love to answer them…