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Hello and Welcome to the Official FunnelBake Community and Forum.

FunnelBake forum is a part of GoPBN Private Limited, the company that currently operates https://gopbn.com, https://flamedomain.com and https://funnelbake.com

The forum aims to solve your day to day marketing queries and helps you to achieve new success.

The community is full of vibrant, positive and brilliant marketers who are looking to help at all time.

Before you start posting on the forum, please take some time to read this entire introduction article so that you can get familiar with the rules and regulation of the forum.

Complete your Profile

Before you do anything else, please take time to complete your profile.

As you can see the screenshot above, you need to simply click on the settings icon, and fill your required details.

I will highly recommend you to grab the most awesome username because once it’s taken, we won’t be able to do anything about it.

Introduce yourself.

We at FunnelBake will love to know more about you and your business. I will request you to take few minutes out of your busy schedule and write an Introductory post. (Please ensure to pick the right category)

This way other members of the community will get to know more about you and your business and very likely, you can land customers within the community.

Also, this is the only chance for you to pitch about yourself. :smiley:

Category Selection

When making any post, please ensure to post in the right category. This is crucial if you need any sort of help. When you post your queries in the right category, it will get resolved a lot faster.

Add relevant tags

When you are making a new post, please ensure to add relevant tags as that will help you and the community to stay organized. This will also help everyone in the community to find solutions a lot faster.

Rules & Regulations

Looking to be a part of the forum? Please ensure to read these important rules and regulations.

Spamming is Not Allowed

This goes without a doubt, no one likes spammers. Do not spam, period. If found, you will be given a soft warning. If found guilty again then you will be suspended from the forum for 30 days. If the offense continues then sadly we will have to terminate you from the forum.

Self Promotion

Have you added any value? If yes, then we will let you promote your stuff. For the same, use signature which is the most affected way for you to get exposure.

Please do not create a new post with your self-promotional stuff as that will get deleted in no time as the forum will be strictly moderated.

Be Kind and Polite

This forum is for mature adults who understand their responsibility. As a human, it’s your duty to respect and stay kind to the below member.

No kind of insulting will be tolerated on the forum.